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Rock Salt

We supply both types of commonly used de-icing salt in either individual 25kg bags or bulk 1 tonne "builders bags" 

Brown Rock Salt / Grit - Our Rock Salt is available in 25kg bags which are perfect for small jobs or for areas where access is difficult for a big delivery wagon. We also have rock salt available in 1 tonne bulk bags where larger volumes are needed for car parks and where access for a large truck is possible.

Brown rock salt is made up of the brown grit and sand to give traction for feet and wheels and salt for melting snow & ice. it will work with frozen temperatures between -7 and -15 degrees C depending on humidity, altitude and wind chill 

White Rock / De-Icing Salt - Ideal for use in salt spreaders and gritters. Our white salt is pure and is not mixed with any aggregate so doesn't create a mess when walked into the office, shop or home. Available in 25kg bags for easier handling.

How much salt do I need? The rule of thumb is 1kg of salt will effectively cover 50m2 (e.g. 10 x 5m driveway) and an average winter will require 40 applications.

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