Rock Salt

Order some of our quality Brown Rock Salt as the winter arrives and the cold weather creeps up. Our Rock Salt is packed in 25kg bags which is perfect for small jobs or for areas where access is difficult for a big truck. We can also supply in 1 tonne bulk bags. Brown salt contains a mixture of grit / sand for traction and salt for melting snow & ice. Remember that brown salt left open in the rain will end up washing out the salt.

White Rock / De-Icing Salt - Ideal for use in salt spreaders and gritters. Our white salt is pure and is not mixed with any aggregate so doesn't leave any mess. Available in 25kg bags for easier handling.

How much salt do I need? The rule of thumb is 1kg of salt will effectively cover 50m2 (e.g. 10 x 5m driveway) and an average winter will require 40 applications.

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